_MG_2012 2Last day at the office with Stina and Åsa_MG_1935 2

Went to Stadsmissionen and gave away some Christmas presents to people who need it more_MG_1953 2

View from the office_MG_1591 2

Me and John-John in the alleviator_MG_2385 2

Christmas eve and red lips_MG_2461 2

Went to my best friends Annickas place in Falköping. Her home is amazing!_MG_2496 2

And the snow finally came_MG_2331 2

Me and my nephew Kelian_MG_2615 2

Me and friend Mia_MG_2550 2

Went out with my sister and Mia (love this picture)

Här kommer ett bildregn från de senaste två veckorna. Det känns som att det har hänt så himla mycket. Julen bara svischade förbi. Hoppas i alla fall att ni hade en jätte mysig jul med mycket god mat, mys med familjen och trevliga klappar!


Here are som pictures from the last couple of weeks. The holiday went so fast! Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas with a lot of good food, nice gifts and that you got the opportunity to hang out with your family!

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