help-me-be-better2Jag har funderat ett tag på vad man skulle kunna göra bättre med bloggen och känner mig lite halvt lost. Den senaste tiden har jag fokuserat mest på outfit bilder och snapshots. Vilket jag gillar att ha med. Men är det något annat så ni gillar eller något som ni saknar? Jag skulle vilja att ni listar tre saker i ordning på vad ni vill se mest av. Alltså 1. tex outfits, 2. beauty, 3 inredning osv osv. Skulle ni kunna göra detta för mig? Det kommer hända en massa kul framöver som har med bloggen att göra. woop!


I’ve been thinking for a while about what I could do better with the blog and right now I feel a bit lost. Lately, I have focused mostly on the outfit pictures and snapshots. Which I like. But there something else you like or something you feel is missing? I would like you to list three things in order on what you want you think is most important to see. For example 1. outfits, 2. beauty, 3. interior etc etc. Could you do this for me? It will happen fun things with the blog in the near future. woop!


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6 reaktion på “HELP THE BLOG TO BE BETTER!!

  1. 1: outfits
    2. i have some idea and would love if you could think about it:
    new categorie called: maddes tip of the week.
    it could be for example every wednesday (randomly chosen right now) you tell us your tip of the week. it can be fashion related but it doesnt have to. since you are visiting all the fashion shows and working so much with fashion since you are a desginer yourself i know you have a lot of knowledge when it comes to upcoming trends. so you could give us one day in a week one tip for an upcoming trend so we are always up to date before the trend is already here. (in the past it could have been for example a tip that posh tattoos going to be a big thing or septums and so on…) but i doesnt have to always be fashion related you can basicly give us tips about everything, if you discovered a food you are obsessed with and we have to try, or a movie which is life-changing, a make-up product, or a song which is in yor head 24/7…there are no ends :)
    3. everyday pictures

  2. du ändrar ditt hår ganska ofta, jag skulle vilja veta vilka färger du använder och om du har tips/tricks? men det kanske bara kräver ett inlägg.
    Annars är inredning alltid roligt att läsa om


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